Coating and rehabilitation of facades, walls and pluvial partitions.



      As vertical vestment, it prevents the rain from penetrating to the interior, perfectly suitable for uses such as sewer pluvial, coating of any kind of facades and walls.

      In coastal areas, it protects from the action of saltpeter.
      For those facades that need an intense white color, we offer our WHITE PLUS color.

      Applie as masonry coating, it prevents outcrop of salt precipitates on its surface.
      Goodbye to white spots of salts!

      Its composition allows easy application, due to the resins of high quality used and the granulometry of the cork. It is applied in 2 layers.

      The granulometry and form of application, avoid the appearance of marks by resumption of works that must be suspended by the end of the day or by rain.
      In addition, to ensure a perfect quality end product, the colors are not supplied separately to the product, the product is factory-colored to guarantee the quality.


      Available in the full range of RESONA.SA colors, formulated with top quality dyes that guarantee its stability over time.
      Masonry coating (brick), homogenizing the color, stabilizing and preventing the deterioration of the mortar joints and simultaneously preventing the appearance of salts on its surface.

      Rehabilitation of brick facade very weathered by atmospheric agents, with disintegration of its materials.
      First it was necessary to apply our RESONA.SA FIXER (1 layer), to guarantee a good adhesion of the subsequent 2 layers of EXTERIORS Sprayed Cork.

      Application of OUTDOORS Sprayed Cork on a wall, integrating harmoniously as part of the decoration of the terrace.

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