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1. Remove any dust or dirt residue.
2. If there are cracks or any visible defects in the surface, use our FLAT PLUS cork or similar.
3. For large irregularities and defects, apply a previous repair-leveling treatment suitable for the support.

1. The temperature range for a successfull application is between -5 and 50 ° C, depending on the conditions of the support on which it is applied.
2. Once the support has been cleaned, apply if necessary our RESONA · SA FIXING CORK NATURAL or similar.
3. Apply RESONA · SA EXTERIOR NATURAL CORK in two layers, projecting until it covers the surface homogeneously.

1. Use the first day to cover the elements that you do not want to project.
2. In any case, project the 1st layer during the morning, until approximately 3:00 p.m. and wait until the next day to carry out the second layer.
3. Apply the 2nd coat.

Do not project on days of strong wind.
Suspend the application in case of rain and resume when it ceases and the wall does not have waterlogging or water saturation, which is dry to the touch will be enough.
The granulometry and the form of application ensures the cuts between different applications to go unnoticed, is a big advantage of our product.
The product should not be stored for more than one year from its manufacturing date, provided that exposure to ultraviolet rays, frost, humidity and other factors that may affect its conservation have been avoided.


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