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is a company with innovative spirit, young and dynamic, dedicated to the manufacture of sprayed cork of very high quality, formed by a multidisciplinary team, which adds its experience in the business world, technical and commercial.

Our manufacturing deadlines are very short and our logistics management very efficient.

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+34 636 864 814

The R & D & I team has developed a range of different types of cork designed for each of the most common applications: roofs, facades, thermal insulation, interior decoration and walkable pavements, differentiating each one of them in its formulation, to achieve advantageous properties in each field.

Our customer service and the guarantees we offer on our products guarantee us. We are a company close to the client and we always work to solve your needs and complement all the technical aspects you require for the best execution of your work.

In the top of the ideology of our company is the respect for the environment, so we use resins of very high quality, water-based, harmless to the environment, dosed in the correct concentration to avoid the rebound of the product in its application, thus increasing its performance and decreasing the waste generated.

Our range of sprayed cork is applicable in all types of natural coatings, as it adheres to virtually any surface.


“Corcho proyectado de primerísima calidad, al aplicarlo me dí cuenta en seguida porque apenas tenía mermas en el suelo, se nota que no escatiman en resinas. Me suministraron el pedido en menos de 48h.”


“Me asesoraron técnicamente desde el principio y me impartieron un curso gratuito de proyección en sus instalaciones. Como profesional autónomo que soy, felicidades por entender al cliente!”

Juan Esteban

“Gracias a RESONASA Corcho Proyectado TÉRMICO he solucionado un gran problema en mi barco con casco de chapa. Ahora puedo tocarlo en verano sin quemarme y en invierno he eliminado las condensaciones que se producían. Siempre dispuestos a resolver mis dudas.”

Claude NOUAR

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Resvestimientos Naturales


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18002 Granada

+34 636 864 814


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