Natural Coatings

RESONA.SA is a manufacturer of Natural Sprayed Cork, a coating of high performance, easy and economical application, with a high performance in its execution and respectful with the environment that adheres to virtually any surface.

Corcho Proyectado Natural


Thermal Isolation



Our R+D+i department constantly works on the specific improvement of each one of the Natural Sprayed Cork varieties, so that they present maximum efficiency and the best performance in their application.
Natural Sprayed Cork will save you both, execution time and money.


Projected Cork

COVERS sprayed cork

Raincoat. Guaranteed 10 years. Designed and formulated for the coating and the rehabilitation of the covers of all type, facilitating the execution with a high performance of the application

EXTERIORS sprayed cork

Coating and rehabilitation of facades and walls.

THERMAL Sprayed Cork

Coating with specific formulation to increase its efficiency as a thermal aid.

DECOR Sprayed cork

Coating and rehabilitation of interiors.

FLAT PLUS by trowel cork

Unique in the market applicable by trowel.

PASSABLE sprayed cork

Coating for both indoors and outdoors, walkable on foot. Anti-slip S3.

FIXER sprayed cork

Surface fixer, applicable as primer in cases of compromised adhesion


Thermal insulation of vehicles

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Waterbased Formula

SOLVENT. Our formulations include resins formulated in water base, so that the application of the product does not leave persistent and annoying odors.

Indoor & Outdoor

We have varieties applicable both for indoors and outdoors, all with specialized formulations with resins and dyes of very high quality.


Cork has sound dampening properties, linked this to the texture of peaks and valleys, also reduces reverberation in enclosed spaces.


We have a wide range of colors that will satisfy the ornamental needs of interiors and the adaptation to the environment of facades and roofs.

Only high range



In our eagerness to give solution to the different types of coating that our Client may need, we have developed a range of products that covers each of the most frequent particular situations: Sprayed Cork ROOFS Ideal for the coating and rehabilitation of roofs, roofs and roofs. WATERPROOF, Guaranteed for 10 years !!

RESONA.SA professionals at your service.


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