Coating with specific formulation to increase its resistance, with the purpose of being passable (you may stand and walk on it by foot), with an anti-slip coefficient S3.



      What does “passable” mean?

      Like many other covers that are not ceramic, punching loads lasting in time leave a mark on this coating.

      This lining is not designed to circulate vehicles above it.


      Where to apply it?

      It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Gardens, terraces and roofs would be its main applications. In nautical, it may be used on the deck surface, as an anti-slip coating *..

      On rooftops, COVERS Sprayed Cork must be used beforehand, in the first instance *.

      In terraces with swimming pool, we recommend the natural version, without tinting, since it is not affected by the action of possible spills of the treatment products. Splashes of pool water do not discolour our colors, but an eventual spill of hypochlorite or pool cleaning agents may afect the surface if not rinsed immediately.


      Application and colors

      PASSABLE Sprayed Cork is applied in 3 layers.

      The range of colors is different from the general range of RESONA.SA colors, since inorganic dyes are used with high resistance to chemical and external agents*.

      Terrace in single-family housing, with application of PASSABLE Sprayed Cork on the existing tiles. Its breathability and adhesiveness prevent the appearance of future bubbles (problem present in other coatings that are not so breathable as our solution).


      Please, for more details, consult our Technical Department.

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