Ideal for the coating and rehabilitation of roofs, covers and roof terraces.
WATERPROOF Guaranteed for 10 years !!
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      Designed and formulated for the coating and rehabilitation of covers of all types, facilitating the execution with a high performance of application.

      Applicable in two layers, unique in the market that can be projected without interposition of other waterproof sheets, applied DIRECTLY on its cover, which should be clean, dry and without cracks that can avoid the perfect covering with our product.

      For cases in which rehabilitation is more compromised, we have a breathable and waterproof sheet.

      * Consult the application mode to our Technical Department.

      Available the whole range of colors RESONA.SA.



      Property Value Ut Regulations
      Direct traction adhesion 20 N/5cm EN 1542
      Water vapor permeability 243 gr/m2/24h EN 7783-1 and 2
      Capillarity absorption and water permeability 0.10 W·Kg/m2·h0.5 EN 1062-3
      Anti-slip S3 UNE-ENV 12633
      Salt spray test Stable UNE-EN ISO 9227


      HOW TO USE

      1. Remove any dust or dirt residue.
      2. If there are cracks or coke, repair beforehand with suitable products.
      3. For large irregularities, apply a previous repair-leveling treatment suitable for the support.
      1. The application temperature can vary between -5 and 50 ° C, depending on the conditions of the support on which it is applied.
      2. Apply RESONA·SA Sprayed Natural Cork COVERS in three layers, projecting until achieving homogeneity

      Performance: 12kg – 4 to 5m 2

      Dry touch: 3h at 22 ° C (2mm thickness)

      Total drying: 72 to 96h on porous supports

      Density: 0.63 ± 0.05gr / cm³ (natural color)

      Service temperature: -20 to 120 ° C

      Thermal conductivity: 0.044W / m · K

      * Values ​​type for a facade application at 22 ° C temperature on dry and clean facing.

      1. Use the first day to cover the elements that you do not want to project.
      2. In any case, project the 1st layer during the morning, until approximately 3:00 p.m. and wait until the next day to realize the 2nd layer.
      3. Repeat step 2 with the 2nd layer.
      4. Apply the 3rd coat.
      • Do not project on days of strong wind.
      • Suspend the application in case of rain and resume when it ceases and the wall does not have waterlogging or water saturation, which is dry to the touch will be enough.
      • The granulometry and the way of application avoids that the cuts are noticed between different applications , it is a great advantage of our product.

      The product should not be stored for more than one year from its date of manufacture, provided that exposure to ultraviolet rays, frost, humidity and other factors that may affect its conservation have been avoided.

      Application of Sprayed Cork COVERS in roof of tiles, solving the existing problem of small filtrations and helping to thermally isolate the attic that covers. The chosen black color renews and revalues ​​the image of the building.

      Sprayed Cork COVERS, applied on ceramic tiles, with a color similar to that of the surrounding roofs. Renew the appearance of this roof and waterproof it. The colors used by RESONA.SA are highly stable over time and against atmospheric agents and UV rays.

      Roof waterproofed, without the need to interpose intermediate sheets between the support and the Sprayed Cork COVERS, without the need to execute mimics. On this cover, a layer of PASSABLE sprayed cork is also applied, in order to be enjoyed by the neighbors of the building.

      Waterproofing of channel between roofs with Sprayed Cork COVERS, solves problems of filtration that the building had in a lasting way. The blanket arranged is covered so as not to project the tiles that pour into the channel, then it is removed.

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