Thermal isolation of vehicles

Thermal isolation of vehicles

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RESONASA has developed a high performance natural coating for its use as thermal insulation, Resonasa THERMAL sprayed Cork.

One of its best applications is the thermal isolation of vehicle interiors and, in particular, vans that can be used as a recreational vehicle and take advantage of nature.

The vans are often exposed to extreme temperatures due to sunshine or cold, which requires special treatment of their interior to make them habitable at that time, without relying exclusively on the climatic control of the vehicle.

DIY. Easy to perform, do it yourself

The work to be done can be done by yourself if you have some notions of DIY. The most complicated thing is to remove the elements inside the van and protect the unwanted areas with the application of cork.

The application of the product is very simple, you will only need a compressor capable of offering a pressure of 8Atm and a suitable gun to work with an integrated tank to add our Resonasa THERMAL sprayed Cork.

Moreover, its formulation with last generation and high quality resins, solvent free , allows a comfortable application, without persistent odors and respectful of the environment .

Remove all interior elements to reach the application area.

Sand with the sander all the surface on which you will apply the Resonasa THERMAL sprayed Cork.

Cover all holes and surfaces that you do not want to project.

Project three layers of product (minimum recommended), waiting for the next day between layers.

Replace the interior elements removed during the application of the layers (joints, plastic covers …).

Enjoy your van with family or friends, without feeling the heat or low temperatures. Thanks to Resonasa cork, you will significantly reduce the effect of condensation and moisture on the walls.


* Consult our technical department for performance and application recommendations.

Also perfect for boats

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