Cork ready, to use, to apply to trowel . Our FLAT PLUS flat cork product has been the result of ongoing research to provide solutions to all those professionals who at some time have needed to apply cork as a traditional coating. A product ready to use, open the drum and apply directly to the support to be coated, with hand tools such as trowel or paletines.

Ideal to cover cracks and concrete blockwork defects.
Apply to masonry walls and leave them smooth, with the cork finish projected, applied manually.

Applicable both indoors and outdoors.

Consult our technical service to learn more about the product details and available colors.



Application of FLAT PLUS trowel on the facade to cover completely, as it makes the grooves of the mortar joints unoticeable. The finish is similar to our sprayed cork for EXTERIORS, but it is applied manually, not with an air-gun & compressor.

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