Coating agent, specifically formulated to increase its themal aid efficiency.



      The thermal conductivity of our THERMAL Sprayed Cork is similar in order of magnitude to that of extruded polystyrene, with excellent efficiencies at both, high and low temperatures.

      It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
      Take note that if it was to be applied on roofs, COVERS Sprayed Cork must be used in the first instance *.

      Known for its applications in the nautical world , especially suitable for steel hulls, applied from the inside avoids the cold or warm touch of the hull, at the same time that it eliminates to a large extent the wet touch by condensation, favoring a cooler environment in summer and more pleasant in winter, saving energy in both cases. It can also be applied outdoors above the waterline *, it is anti-slip class S3.


      Application of THERMAL Projected Cork on a swing door facing south. The sheet had high temperatures in summer, which could cause visible surface burns. After the application of the product, this adverse effect was completely avoided.


      Very effective in sheet metal covers, applied externally and / or internally, it substantially reduces the temperature of the interior of the enclosure in summer and mitigates the action of intense cold, avoiding its effect of cold radiating.

      THERMAL sprayed cork is effective from the application of its 2nd coat, but can be added successively if a greater thermal insulation effect * is required.

      Available in the full range of RESONA.SA colors, formulated with top quality dyes that guarantee its stability over time.

      * Please, for more details, consult our Technical Department.

      Please, for any question, consult our Technical Department.

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